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Karmen is a complete doll; she is precious and such a sweetheart. It seems like we knew each other as soon as she was released from the pet carrier; she loves to cuddle and wake me up at 4 a.m., I guess to make sure I’m okay – she touches my face with her right paw and gives me an Eskimo kiss. Karmen is healthy and strong, I give all the thanks to British Shorthair Home; they kept me informed and also gave great advice with the final e-mail before delivery. Thanks British Shorthair Home".

"My baby Buttercup is not only gorgeous... but amazingly sweet and tender thanks to British Shorthair Home. She continued to work with Buttercup in her last weeks at her home to socialize her. The weekly communications and videos / photos from British Shorthair Home were fun to get and we couldn't wait to see out weekly update! Talking on the phone with British Shorthair Home was always informative and delightful. I am hopeful to get a ANOTHER kitten from British Shorthair Home in the future!"

"British Shorthair Home, I had a wonderful time visiting with you at your house when I came to pick up my BSH kitten. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and efficiently cat friendly environment that you keep for the cats. I could not have picked a better breeder if I had tried for years. The feeling I got when seeing my kitten and how she had been being taken care was priceless. I recommend the British Shorthair Home to anyone who can give one of these cats as good of a home as I picked up mine from."

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